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...Thru the eyes of Hannah Willden-Sappington...
WOW!!!! What a day. Had a sister in Christ bring her brother to my house this morning in need of prayer. He was unable to drive so I drove his car and headed to the CrossWalk of Hope campus in Republic, MO to the healing house, where we met up with Pastor Dennis Coad. After talking to Gerald for a bit and getting some background on him, it was time to pray. We led him to the other room and as Dennis stood in front of him, he began to shake. Satan was not happy and did not want to loose the control he had over Gerald for the past 30+ years. Satan lost. Gerald was set free and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior...Praise God...




...This is Marcia (Gerald's sister) and her testimony as she saw it...
...Well we got Gerald all moved in at CrossWalk of Hope Ministries yesterday in Republic, Mo. He showed us around it's such a cool place. My brother life is changing. Well he took Scott and I in to visit with Pastor Dennis and Becky we had nice talk about our father and the holy spirit well I told Dennis about a dream that I had twice about a field with flowers and a beautiful tree, Jesus standing by the tree smiling. There is a woman standing there looking at him holding a lead rope and a pony standing beside her. Dennis ask me can I pray for you and ask God to show you what it means. I said sure the holy spirit had other plans to, I needed healing in my body. As I laid their out in the spirit I could feel it leaving my body it took awhile it started in my head, my eyes, then my arms. Then finally my legs they were jerking. Finely it left out my feet. The Holy Spirit healed me of something undiagnosis by doctors what ever it was it was big. As far as my dream the woman, that was me never could I see a face she knealing by the pony meaning submission to God with his ministry with the pony. Thank you Jesus...

.This is Marcia

October 9, 2013

...Today Curtis Jackson came over to the property of CrossWalk of Hope, "Healing House" to visit and brought his friend Mike. 7 years ago Mike was in an accident and lost several vertebra in his back. he also suffered from pain in his left ankle and his right leg was 1/4 inch shorter than the left. as Mike stood in front of me and i began to pray without even touching Mike the Holy Spirit hit him and he went down... As I began to speak life into his back Hannah Willden-Sappington took a hold of his legs and felt his right leg grow out in her hands... She also said that she saw that he had one arm shorter than the other... So I began to speak to his arms and Curtis said he saw one of his arms grow out while he was on the ground. When Mike got up 25 minutes later, he said he felt heat all over his body starting at his neck and going all the way down his body. as he stood up, Hannah asked him to bend down and touch his toes. Mike did and said he had not been able to do that in many years. He was also bending and twisting without any pain. he said when he got here his pain was at an 8 or 9. he left without any pain!! I asked Mike if Hannah could feel his back and he said yes. Hannah started the top of his neck and felt all the way down his back. she felt every vertebra and there was nothing missing!! not one vertebra was missing or out of place!! God is so good!!

This is Mike 10/9/2013



...PELVIS OUT and PINCHED NERVE... November 2, 2013 a young mother named Marie E. came by our campus to receive some clothes from our free store.. when she got out of the car, Hannah and I noticed that she was limping, I asked her what was wrong and she said when she had her children her pelvis was out of place and she had a pinched nerve in her back that caused her major pain in her back, legs and feet... Hannah and I took her to the side and prayed for her.. she went out in the spirit for about 15-20 minutes..when she got up she said she felt heat all over her body and all of her pain was gone...she was able to move and twist with no pain...she said she felt her leg grow out and her limp was even gone!! I just talk to this lady this morning and she said she feels great... just another show of God's love towards his children...This is all HIM, all for the KINGDOM...We praise you....